Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is a fine art term describing high quality prints. These prints are the finest quality reproductions - it's the ultimate way to adorn your gallery, home or workplace with the nearest thing to the original work (in some cases the printed image can be superior to the original, in terms of colouration, as the printing process allows for enhancement of the high resolution scanned image).

The Giclée images are printed on one of the finest archival papers available: Illford Pearl 255gsm. It is an acid free paper and is capable of reproducing images at a very high print resolution. A world renowned name in printing papers, it is a beautiful pearl finished paper which holds good detail and vibrant colour. Giclée printing is done at 1440 dpi (dots per inch) using an 8-colour pigment ink system which means sharper, more detailed prints and a more impressive colour gamut.

Our Giclée prints are gallery quality prints which are available in different size formats ready for framing.

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